About Delphi: On Handling Exceptions


How To And What Happens When You Handle (Or Not) Exceptions
For the starters: what's an error in an application? What's an exception? How to trap exceptions? Why your Delphi application does not crash like some .Net apps do, etc...

Where is the Mouse? Is it Over Some TControl Descendant?
in Delphi TIPS :: Sometimes knowing what is the control directly under the mouse is not enough. Suppose the following: there's a panel ("ppanel") and a panel ("cpanel") inside it... Read more

Reraising Exceptions in Delphi - How to Properly - A Poll
in Exception Handling :: Exceptions are special conditions in your code that require special handling. Exceptions include errors that occur at run time like divide by zero, database errors, freeing... Read more

Top Picks - Delphi Tools and Components
What are the best Delphi related tools? What component should you buy? Is this VCL/CLX/VCL.NET library what you really need?


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