About Delphi: Let's Do OOP in Delphi

Understanding Anonymous Methods in Delphi
In short, an anonymous method is a procedure or function that does not have a name associated with it. Anonymous methods extend existing procedural types and by allowing you use the actual code of a method as a parameter to some other method. In addition, an anonymous method can refer to variables and bind values to the variables in the context in which the method is defined.

Understanding Generic Types in Delphi
Generics, a powerful addition to Delphi, were introduced in Delphi 2009 as a new langage feature. Generics or generic types (also know as parametrized types), allow you to define classes that don't specifically define the type of certain data members. Get ready to use Generics.

Fix Loading XML / DTD in TXMLDocument - DTD Is Prohibited
In MSXML 6, the ProhibitDTD property specifies whether to prohibit (true) or allow (false) the inclusion of a DTD in the XML document. Prior to version 6, the ProhibitDTD was set to false by default. With MSXML 6, ProhibitDTD is true by default.

Advanced Delphi Windows / Shell / API / Graphics / OLE Programming
A simple understanding of Delphi is fine when you create applications for home use. Once you start building real-world applications you'll start looking for ways to solve more complex tasks - and Delphi will have all the answers!


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