About Delphi: The Width Of The Drop Down List For TComboBox

Sizing TComboBox Drop Down List Width - No Cut Off
When a combo box is in dropped down state Windows draws a list box type of control to display combo box items for selection. When the length (of a string) of items exceeds the width of the combo box, the items are displayed as cut-off!

Change the Default Application Icon for a Console Mode Delph
For a normal GUI application you can change the application icon using Project - Options - Application - Application Settings - Icon. For console mode applications this section is disabled - and thus all console mode application have a default icon.

Set Of String in Delphi? Yes! Union, Intersection and Difference For String Lists.
in Delphi TIPS :: In Delphi, sets or set types allow you to do set type operations like union, intersection and difference on a set of ordinal values. A set... Read more

Learn Delphi for .NET
Articles and technical information that will help you start developing with and master Delphi for .NET. Find out about the new IDE, Ado.Net, Asp.Net, ECO, IL, aspx, XML Web Services, msil, ...


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