About Delphi: Set Of String: implemented!

Set Of String in Delphi? Union, Intersection and Difference!
A set is a collection of ordinal values. The values in a set have no order and it makes no sense to have a value twice (or more times) in a set. Since strings are not ordinal types you cannot have set of string declarations. Or, can you?

Implementing StartsText With SubText As Pattern - When Pattern Is A Regular Expression!
in regex :: For a relative file path like "abcdeffile.txt" I need to check if the file is located in the "abcdef" folder (or in any of its sub folders).... Read more

Use TFile Delphi Record To Encrypt or Decrypt A File
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Delphi Programming - Inside and Out
Delphi language, IDE tips, techniques and articles. Every programming aspect of Delphi is uncovered: OOP, Threading, File IO, RTL, VCL ...


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