About Delphi: Your App In Windows Explorer Folder Context Menu + 3 More Articles

From Zarko Gajic, your Guide to Delphi Vol. 14, No. 13. A neat trick to add an item to the right-click context popup menu for a folder in Windows Explorer.


Add Your Delphi Application as Item to Windows Folder Menu
When a users right-clicks on a folder in Windows Explorer a context popup appears. Beside standard items you can add an item for your application. When a user click the item - your application gets started and you can send it (as a parameter) the folder selected.

Cycle Enum Values in Delphi - Round Robin Enumeration Value
If you need to allow a user of your application to change the display of the ListView at run-time, you need to provide some sort of "selectable" user interface. You can choose to display enumerated properties in a selectable list.

Extend Delphi Components Without the Need to Install in the IDE; TButton = class(TButton)
in Delphi TIPS :: Have you ever needed for a specific Delphi control, like a TButton, to have just one more property or a method that is a "must have"... Read more

Understanding, Using and Enhancing Delphi VCL Components
Tutorials and articles on using Delphi Visual Component Library (VCL) controls and components more efficiently at design and run time.

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