Mungkinkah Ini Terjadi?

Dear Delphier Indonesia. Mungkin nggak kita bisa melakukan kegiatan rutin seperti di uandangan di bawah ini?

Upcoming Sydney meeting

Wednesday, 20th July 2011

Join us for the 10th anniversary ADUG meeting in Sydney
(yep, we started in July 2001 see also here):

A Practical Overview of Delphi's Generic Collection Classes - Malcolm Groves

Delphi introduced Generics a few versions back, along with a whole bunch of very useful generic collection classes. However, for some people all those angle brackets and T's still look like their keyboard threw up in their code editor. In this session Malcolm will attempt to give a gentle, practical overview of the various generic collections such as TList<T>, TDictionary<T>, TQueue<T> and others, along with topics such as searching, sorting, comparators and enumerators. 

Code Crunch - Delphi Community

Bring your Delphi project along to the meeting and let us hlep you to solve a tricky problem you may have encountered in your recent work. 


Embarcadero Sydney Office
Level 2
100 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Closest train station: Wynyard Station


from 6:00 pm (the live stream starts at 6:15 pm)


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