Facebook and Delphi - Facebook API for Delphi + 3 Useful Articles

From Zarko Gajic, your Guide to Delphi Vol. 14, No. 29. Given that Delphi is a Win32 development environment, let's see if there are some libraries to help you build some Facebook apps (or anything Facebook-aware).

Facebook and Delphi - Facebook API for Delphi 
Ok, so now that you know what Facebook is, you probably are asking how can I build a Delphi application to allow me and my friends to "connect" to Facebook more easily :)
Delayed Event Handling Using Event Handler Detaching 
Allan Lloyd made a remark about the idea suggesting an extension: when you have an event handler which takes some time (> 0.1 sec) to run, but you don't want another click or a double click to call the event handler a second time before the first call has finished, you can detach the event handler from the event while the event handling code is being executed.
Changing the Title of a Print Dialog in Delphi 
in Delphi TIPS :: The TPrintDialog component displays a standard Windows dialog box for sending jobs to a printer. Unfortunately, the TPrintDialog does not expose the Title property. By handing... Read more
Learn Delphi for .NET 
Articles and technical information that will help you start developing with and master Delphi for .NET. Find out about the new IDE, Ado.Net, Asp.Net, ECO, IL, aspx, XML Web Services, msil, ...


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