Get Single IXMLNode Using XPath's IDomNodeSelect

Get Single IXMLNode Using XPath's IDomNodeSelect
To select the first node that matches the XPath expression you can use the selectNode function of the IDomNodeSelect defined in XmlDom.pas.

Remove Duplicate Items in Delphi's TStringList
Many Delphi controls like TListBox, TComboBox and TMemo, for example, expose a property which is of the TStrings type: Items for TListBox, Lines for TMemo. When you fill in a string list with string items you might end up with a list holding duplicate strings - more than one item with the 'same' string value.

Select XML Nodes Into IXMLNodeList Using XPath In XmlDom.Pas
in Delphi and XML :: XPath uses a path notation, similar to that used in file systems and URLs, to specify and match pieces of the document. In Delphi, the... Read more

Advanced Delphi Windows / Shell / API / Graphics / OLE Programming
A simple understanding of Delphi is fine when you create applications for home use. Once you start building real-world applications you'll start looking for ways to solve more complex tasks - and Delphi will have all the answers!


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