Nick Hodges Keluar Dari Embarcadero

Nick Hodges Keluar Dari Embarcadero
Salah satu orang penting di Embarcadero telah keluar, lebih tepatnya dikeluarkan. Dia ungkapkan hal itu di akun Facebook-nya.

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Di forum embarcadero dia juga mengatakan yang sama.
Folks --

There have been some rumors floating around, and I wanted to set things

I was let go by Embarcadero on Monday. This wasn't my decision.

About twenty years ago, a friend in the Navy gave me a copy of Tom
Swan's Mastering Turbo Pascal series, and right from the start, I loved
the elegance and beauty of it. I taught myself, and I used Borland
Pascal for Windows to write what was possibly the world's crappiest
shareware. :-)

Then Delphi came along, and I was totally hooked. I loved it. The
beauty of the VCL, the speed of the compiler, the awesome design-time
experience -- it was quite intoxicating. I was fortunate enough to get
on the beta, which allowed me to get smart enough to stumbled my way on
to TeamB. I became what Guy Kawasaki calls a "customer evangelist". I
attended my first Borcon in 1995, I became a Borcon speaker, and then
even a Borcon Advisory Board member. I'd like to think that you could
say that there was no greater or more passionate Delphi fan and
supporter than I -- except maybe for Dr. Bob. ;-)

In 2006 I moved my family half way across the country to become the
Delphi Product Manager. Later, I moved over to be R&D Manager, a job I
truly loved. Working at a place that raises your IQ 20 points just by
walking in the door is terrific. During my time with the company, I
continued to be a tireless advocate for Delphi, for CodeGear and then
Embarcadero, for the development team, and for you customers. I pretty
much ate, breathed, and slept Delphi.

It's a real bummer that there no longer room at Embarcadero for
Delphi's biggest supporter -- again, with props to Dr. Bob :-)

Obviously, moving forward, I'm going to have to cast a wide net to find
a position, so I don't know if I'll be able to remain a "direct" member
of the community. (That may actually please some of you, I know. ;-)
) But Delphi is still the best and coolest development tool around. It
will easily survive the loss of one guy. I won't be posting as much
here in the coming weeks, I don't think, but I'll be around. And of
course, if anyone has any job leads, please let me know. I've got
lots of time for interviews. ;-)



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